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Services & Facilities

The Integrated Learning Centre

The Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) is located in Beamish-Munro Hall and is a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. It comprises staff, spaces and equipment that contribute significantly to the quality of undergraduate education in that Faculty, and is among the leading facilities for engineering education worldwide. The fundamental role of the ILC is to create a multidisciplinary learning environment which integrates theory with practice, develops team skills, the capability of life-long learning and open-ended program solving abilities. The ILC provides both the staff and the structures necessary to improve learning effectiveness and to develop markedly enhanced professional skills. Its physical features include a first year studio, design studio, teaching studio, prototyping centre, multimedia facility and industrial space housing competitive teams such as Solar Design, Aero Design and Concrete Canoe.


Computer Service

Computers in Beamish-Munro Hall are available during ILC open hours (Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am to 11 pm; Friday: 8 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday: 11:30 am to 7 pm; Sunday: 11:30 am to 11 pm). Software includes Solid Edge, MATLAB, Maple, MS Office 2007, ADS, ANSYS, and other things.


Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)

QUIC provides non-academic support service for international exchange students through its various programs and activities throughout the academic year. Exchange students can also receive advice on non-academic matters from the QUIC Assistant Director or International Student Advisor. For more information about QUIC and its services for exchange students, please visit


On-Campus Facilities

Queen's University offers a range of facilities on campus including a Physical Education Centre, libraries, the Campus Bookstore, Student Health Services, a post office, various cafeterias, as well as an assortment of places in which to relax with friends (Queen's Pub, Alfies, Common Ground, just to name a few).


Exchange students receive a Queen's student card and have the same rights and privileges as a full-time Queen's student, including a free city bus pass.


Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness supports the personal, academic, and social development of students at Queen's University by providing a range of programs and services appropriate to their needs.


Accessibility Information:


Learning Strategies Development

Learning Strategies Development is a learning support service for students. Several options are available for students to enhance both their learning and study skills and their academic confidence: on-line resources, group workshops, individual consultations, and peer mentoring. For more information about available services, please visit Student Academic Success Services