From your cell phone to your power supply to the device you are reading this on - you are witnessing the work of electrical and computer engineers. With a consistently high demand for graduates, electrical and computer engineering are among the most dynamic and relevant fields of study today.


Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a broad discipline that spans from the physical world to the purely information-based world. In this program, you will build on a base of applied mathematics and physics and learn to use the laws of physics that govern electrical systems to design new products and services.

Electrical Engineering Program Information

Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering

Computer engineers build connections between the virtual and physical worlds. In this program, you will learn to develop and advance the information and communication technology that is changing the way people live and work.

Computer Engineering Program Information


Electrical And Computer Engineering Innovation Stream (ECEi)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering

Direct Entry Program

Start your discipline from your first day at Queen’s Engineering. This direct-entry program prepares you with the business and communication skills that will fuel a career as an entrepreneur or industry leader.

ECEi Program Information

Accelerated Master's Program

Applications open to third year ECE students.

Begin working towards your master’s degree while completing the final year of your undergraduate degree. In this program, you will complete a research project course and earn graduate course credits that will shorten the time it takes to complete your MASc degree.

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