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Engineers Canada names Keith Pilkey an EDI Leader

Posted on May 12, 2022

Engineers Canada polled its “30 by 30 Champions” network and subsequently deemed 13 individuals EDI Champions, a distinction that includes Keith Pilkey, Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Blending biomechanics and robotics, Amy Wu builds knowledge to improve human mobility

Posted on May 05, 2022

Mechanical and Materials Engineering researcher Amy Wu investigates how people walk, building knowledge that can lead to the development of robots that can help people with disabilities.

In Burkina Faso, a Queen’s Engineering partnership aims to improve the occupational health of cotton textile crafters

Posted on Apr 28, 2022

In partnership with Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo in Burkina Faso, a Mechanical and Materials Engineering team is helping traditional weavers improve occupational health.

Student "EngWell" campaign improves health and wellness

Posted on Apr 28, 2022

The two-month campaign, which ran March to April, facilitated student health and wellness initiatives while it transformed spaces inside Beamish-Munro Hall into a unique and interactive wellness retreat.

Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) PhD project launches information hub

Posted on Apr 07, 2022

The engineering faculties of each participating university of the Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) PhD Project have launched an information hub,, which articulates the purpose, structure, and goals of the initiative.

Three Engineering researchers awarded $500k in “Exploration” funding to advance bold, innovative programs

Posted on Apr 05, 2022

Cao Thang Dinh, Laurence Yang, and Yong Jun Lai are among the Queen’s researchers awarded in support of high-risk, high-reward research with an interdisciplinary approach through the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) Exploration stream.

Queen’s Engineering launches ‘Stay Well’ initiative for exams

Posted on Apr 04, 2022

Dean Deluzio encourages students to be mindful in the weeks before in-person assessments.

Incorporating UN SDGs, youth outreach team workshops a “smart farm” in the Faculty of Education

Posted on Mar 31, 2022

A recent workshop led by the Queen’s Connections Youth Outreach team tasked students in the Faculty of Education to create a small prototype “smart farm,” a sprout house, to address the complex problem of food insecurity in Canada.

Youth outreach team builds diversity in STEM through early engineering education

Posted on Mar 25, 2022

Queen’s Engineering Connections is addressing a STEM representation issue at its roots.

International engineers instill insights on Insta

Posted on Mar 24, 2022

Queen’s Engineering students from around the globe are building an Instagram presence for prospective international students.

New imaging method allows the capture of high-res and 3D images, a potential boon to healthcare and diagnostics

Posted on Mar 23, 2022

In a paper published in Nature Photonics co-authored by Majid Pahlevani, a new technique that can enhance state-of-the-art microscopes allows an increase in image resolution while also making 3-D microscopic imaging possible.

Women in Engineering presents campus-wide ‘Women in STEM challenge’

Posted on Mar 23, 2022

The Queen’s Women in Engineering initiative, in celebration of Women’s History Month and National Engineering Month, present a campus-wide activity to highlight contributions of women in STEM throughout history. #WiSChallenge

Sarah Jane Payne on local COVID-19 wastewater research partnerships: “the most rewarding work of my career”

Posted on Mar 22, 2022

On U.N. World Water Day, Queen's researcher Sarah Jane Payne speaks about the importance of water quality and access in combating a global crisis affecting over two billion people.

Dean Kevin Deluzio appointed to second five-year term

Posted on Mar 09, 2022

Queen’s University announces the re-appointment of Dr. Kevin Deluzio for a second five-year term as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science effective July 1, 2022.

Hydro One internship empowers student with experience and insights for her future career

Posted on Mar 08, 2022

For fourth-year Chemical Engineering student Aishat Usman, her internship offered a new perspective of what an engineer can do in the professional world.

Queen’s-affiliated research team, SPARQ, captures solar power and takes it public

Posted on Mar 07, 2022

How a Queen's research team led by Professor Praveen Jain has generated a real-world solution to efficiently capture solar power.

Spring Break Open House

Posted on Mar 07, 2022

Queen’s Engineering is opening its virtual doors to prospective students March 15 – 16 to showcase high-calibre programs, career prospects, student life and more!

Queen’s Engineering to spotlight student wellness in the halls of Beamish-Munro

Posted on Feb 28, 2022

A two-month campaign to highlight and encourage student wellness among students will adorn the halls of Beamish-Munro.

A newly minted Cansbridge Fellow, Gonzalo Soto is set to take on the world

Posted on Feb 25, 2022

Congratulations to Gonzalo Soto, who was accepted to the Cansbridge Fellowship, a unique program which offers life-changing experiences to students across Canada. The unique Fellowship program is made up of three parts - the Silicon Valley Experience, the Asia Summer Internship, and the Cansbridge Network.

Kontopoulou, Liu granted funding to advance commercial potential for inventions

Posted on Feb 22, 2022

Marianna Kontopoulou and Yan-Fei Liu are recipients of funding through the Technology Development Pilot Program, whose goal is to advance selected inventions with commercial potential to position them for other funding opportunities and make them attractive to potential licensees or investors.