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Julie Hao

Julie Hao

  • International Student Advisor
  • Advise on General Engineering academic and campus services for International undergraduate students
  • Support first-year international students' academic and cultural transition
  • Advise on Extended Program (J-Section) and International Student Mentorship Program
  • Advise on and coordinate the FEAS International Exchange program at the undergraduate level

Contact: engineering.intladvisor@queensu.ca


Micheline Johnston

  • Program Manager First-Year
  • Extended Program (J-Section)
  • Rewrite and Supplemental Exam Info
  • Academic Probation Information
  • Add/Drop First Year courses
  • Dual Degree and Internship
  • General First-Year Support
  • Peer Mentor Program

Contact Micheline Johnston: engineering.first.year@queensu.ca


Catherine Gurnsey

  • Program Advisor, Accommodations & Considerations (all years)
  • Academic Accommodations
  • Academic Considerations (Absences)
  • REASE applications
  • Leave of Absence

Contact Catherine Gurnsey: engineering.aac@queensu.ca


Lindsay Campbell

  • First Year Program Co-ordinator
  • Degree list
  • Curriculum

Contact Lindsay Campbell: engineering.first.year@queensu.ca

Sarah Byrne.jpg

Sarah Byrne

  • Student Resource Assistant
  • Front Reception and General Inquiries
  • Re-Read Requests
  • Dean’s Scholar Letters

Contact Sarah Byrne: engineering.reception@queensu.ca

Angela McCracken

Angela McCracken

  • Student Resource Assistant
  • Front Reception and General Inquiries
  • Re-Read Requests
  • Dean’s Scholar Letters

Contact Angela McCracken: engineering.reception@queensu.ca


Emily McCracken

  • Academic Integrity and Appeals Coordinator
  • Administration related to the DFAI process
  • Administration related to the Academic Progress Committee 
  • Scholarship and Awards information

Contact Emily McCraken: engineering.DFAI@queensu.ca


Aphra Rogers

  • APSC Program Lead
  • Oversees all APSC courses
  • Provides strategic direction for FY Program
  • Oversees the administration, grades, and timetabling
    for the APSC courses

Contact Aphra Rogers: rogersa@queensu.ca


Amanda Thoo

  • APSC 200/293 Program Associate
  • Second-year academic advising
  • TA recruitment for APSC 200/293

Contact Amanda Thoo: a.thoo@queensu.ca



Seth Chisholm

  • Wellness Navigator
  • provides intake and assessment to determine student needs
    and coordinate appropriate support

Contact Seth Chisholm: seth.chisholm@queensu.ca


Stacy Shane

  • Director of  Student Services
  • Oversees the Student Services Office
  • All Years Academic Advising
  • Graduation Advisor
  • Student Assessment and Progression

Contact Stacy Shane: shanes@queensu.ca


Ashwin Gupta

  • Manager - Academic Operations
  • Manages Undergraduate APSC Course Offerings
  • APSC 400/401 Client/Project Lead

Contact Ashwin Gupta: gupta.ashwin@queensu.ca 


Marianna Kontopoulou

  • Associate Dean (Academic)
  • Undergraduate Eng. Program Admissions
  • Academic Counselling/Student Progression
  • Transfer Students

Contact Dr. Kontopoulou: Eng.DeanAcad.Admin@queensu.ca


Chelsea van Hoof-Dickin

  • Assistant to Dr. Kontopoulou Associate Dean (Academic)
  • Transfer Student

Contact: Eng.DeanAcad.Admin@queensu.ca


Sara Couto

  • Mental Health Programs Lead
  • responsible for planning and implementation of programs and
    initiatives designed to promote mental wellness with the Engineering

Contact Sara Couto: sara.couto@queensu.ca

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