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Women have faced significant obstacles in STEM careers over time and continue to be under-represented in these industries.  According to Engineers Canada, only 18 per cent of working engineers licensed in Canada are women.
Our goal is to increase both the number of women pursuing engineering and the retention of existing women in the field.

Queen's Women in Engineering 2020

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Upcoming Event

Escape Room Adventure
April 28, 2021

Join OSPE's Escape Room Adventure! Can you solve your way out of Canada's first 60-minute escape room in time?

Research Opportunity

WiE Summer Research Grant
Currently accepting submissions!

New openings in all departments. Undergraduate women interested in engineering research are encouraged to apply.

Current Initiative

Women in Action
What does an engineer look like?

Join the women across Canada redefining the image of an engineer! View a gallery of women in engineering roles and hobbies.