On October 11, 2016, Queen’s University announced a $30 million investment from the Government of Canada, $20 million of which was dedicated to revitalizing 67 Union Street, home of the previous Physical Education Centre. The building has been dramatically transformed to accommodate three of the Principal’s top priorities, including establishing a new space for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, a home for campus-wide innovation initiatives, and a contemporary and integrated space for a centralized student wellness centre.

Situated in the new Mitchell Hall, the Engineering Innovation Commons will be a dedicated space for bringing our engineering community together. This leading-edge facility will combine innovative undergraduate teaching facilities, world-leading research facilities, and innovation programming in one space.

The generous donors who contributed to the “Inspiring Spaces” building fund understand the value of an inclusive, interdisciplinary environment – and their generosity is providing the necessary physical space to build community and stimulate new ideas. New undergraduate teaching and design studios, interdisciplinary research clusters, and flexible innovation spaces will bring together professors, undergraduate, and graduate students from a range of disciplines to collaborate in a dynamic and academic social environment.

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Artist rendering of the interior of the Innovation and Wellness Centre
Artist rendering of the interior of the Innovation and Wellness Centre