How to Obtain Accommodations in Engineering

Academic Acommodations

Academic Accommodations are put in place to equalize learning opportunities and access to the academic environment for students with disabilities. A disability may include a temporary (e.g., concussion or broken arm) or permanent (e.g., learning disability) condition. The functional limitations resulting from a disability can at times intersect with the academic environment in a way that creates a barrier for students. Some examples of accommodations include extra time on exams, permission to use assistive technology for exams, or permission to audio record lectures.

Academic accommodation is any adaptation that reduces or eliminates barriers to participation, which arise when a student with a disability interacts with the academic environment. » See full definition: Academic Accomodation

  • QSAS Intake Guide
  • VENTUS Portal: Students can access the VENTUS accommodations system using this launch page
  • Engineering students requiring assistance with this process can contact their Engineering Program Advisor, (Accommodations & Considerations) Catherine Gurnsey,

Religious Accommodations

Students in need of accommodation for religious observance are asked to complete the Religious Observance and Academics activities form within a week of receiving their course syllabus (each term) and submit the form via email to the Engineering Program Advisor, (Accommodations & Considerations),

Human Rights Accommodations

Engineering students who need accommodations on Human Rights grounds are asked to contact, in confidence, the Engineering Program Advisor, (Accommodations & Considerations) or to call 613-533-6000 ext. 78013.