Your first assignment!

The Excel/ Word assignment is your first assignment for APSC 101.  You should complete this assignment over the summer and be one step ahead for September. It is due Sept 5 at 9am. See below for the Excel Tutorial material that are designed to help you on this assignment!

The assignment is part of your APSC 101 mark.


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Grading rubric 


Webinar recording Aug 14 2023

Practice exercise 

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Practice exercise solutions

Excel Word Tutorials

This is a good tutorial if you have no experience in Excel and is a good resource for the Excel Word assignment. We have posted both text files and video files. You can use whatever suits your learning style best!

Excel tutorial

Word tutorial


Excel Word VIDEO Tutorials

FEAS Excel Tutorial - 1. Introduction and Excel Basics


2.1. Simple Cell Formatting 


2.2. Using Formulas and Functions 


3. Data Visualization 


4. Data Analysis 


FEAS Word Tutorial - An Introduction to Microsoft Word ( Formatting Quick Styles, Page Numbers, and Breaks)


FEAS Word Tutorial - 1. Formatting Text and Paragraphs


FEAS Word Tutorial - 2. Using the Word Equation Editor


FEAS Word Tutorial - 3. Referencing using IEEE


FEAS Word Tutorial - 3a. How to cite a journal article


FEAS Word Tutorial - 3b. How to cite a website


FEAS Word Tutorial - 3c. How to cite an entire book


FEAS Word Tutorial - 3d. How to cite a chapter from a book


Ensure that you upload your Word/Excel Assignment on OnQ by Sept 5, 9am. (access to upload site will be available a week before the due time)